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smart building systems

Envio has developed an end to end system that is able to turn any existing commercial building into a smart building. Our intelligent controls can be easily, and affordably installed within any type of facility regardless of its size, age or sophistication level. Our low cost “Cube” controllers and energy conservation algorithms are able to provide unprecedented energy savings at 1/5th the cost of comparable solutions, allowing us to guarantee clients a payback in under 36 months. 


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Track everything. 

Envio's cloud-based building management software, BASE© helps property owners and managers overcome technical barriers to energy efficiency upgrades.
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Reduce energy costs. 

Installing digital controls and sensors in your building has never been easier or more affordable. Order CUBE© now and find a qualified professional to install and connect it to BASE©.
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Our system is incredibly cost-effective in that it pays for itself in under 3 years. It’s very straight-forward and simple to install.”
— Reza, Envio CEO & Co-founder